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Professional Boiler Services in Summerland

If you're looking for proper maintenance and servicing of your boiler, contact our qualified professionals today. Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating is a well-known provider of boiler services in Summerland and the surrounding regions. Regular service and repair of your boiler help maintain its efficiency and safety. We have over four decades of experience and knowledge to provide you with boiler installation, repair, and maintenance services in a professional and timely manner. Whether your situation has been a long-standing one or has recently arisen, we can assist you at all times. For any questions related to boiler services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

What We Offer

If you have a hydronic heating system, we service all types of boilers. You can rely on us to:

Inspect and test ignition systems
Test all safeties
Inspect heat exchangers
Inspect pumps and tanks
Inspect air removal devices
Inspect the venting
Perform a complete teardown inspection and cleaning of both residential and commercial units
Make recommendations for repairs as needed
Flush your system to improve its performance

Boiler System Showing Signs of Repairs?

Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair your boiler quickly.

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