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Accurate Backflow Testing in Summerland and Surrounding Areas

Backflow prevention is an integral part of the plumbing process as it protects you from contaminants that may infiltrate your water supply and cause various risks. If your annual backflow testing is due, it is time to call professionals. You can't always determine whether your water supply is contaminated; that is why it is critical to hire experienced plumbing contractors for testing and installing a backflow prevention device. Our professionals have years of knowledge and expertise in backflow testing in Summerland and the surrounding regions.


The backflow prevention device must be checked upon installation and then every year after that. Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating is a fully qualified, licensed and equipped backflow prevention device tester. We file test reports with the municipality within 24 hours of completion to assure your compliance. Copies of reports are provided to you for your record. If repairs are required, we can make quick fixes to keep your operation functioning. You can trust us to keep the drinking water safe in your residential and commercial property. Please contact us if you require any other information.

Ensure Clean Water

Schedule a testing service for your backflow prevention device today.

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