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Safe & Reliable Poly B Removal in Summerland

Plumbing renovation is one of the things we do best at Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating in Summerland. This includes Poly B removal by an experienced crew.

Apart from fixing leaky pipes and replacing parts, an important aspect of plumbing and drainage that a professional would look out for is the material used in the current infrastructure. “Poly B” or polybutylene is outdated (and in fact banned in Canada) today but was once commonly used for water pipelines. Poly B disintegrates quickly, especially in chlorine-treated water, and ends up becoming a contaminant in freshwater supply.

Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating will help you replace the pipes on your property with those manufactured using new and improved materials. Contact us today to know more.

The Importance of Replacing Poly B

The main disadvantage of Poly B, a form of plastic, is how fragile it is. As time passes, this material degrades, cracks and breaks down. This is especially so when Poly B comes in contact with hot water, high-pressure flow and water treatment chemicals.

The rupture spells disastrous leaks and mould infestation. Unfortunately, most older buildings in the country were fitted with Poly B pipes in past decades when it was thought to be an advantage over copper and brass.

The best solution today is to replace the whole pipeline system altogether. This helps avoid unnecessary repair costs, insurance expenses, and even health risks from water contaminated with plastic.

Need Poly B Removal?

You can safely leave your plumbing systems in the hands of our professionals.

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