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Quality Plumbing Repairs in Summerland

Any plumbing problem can cause a major headache if not addressed appropriately. That is why Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating hires experienced plumbers to ensure that all repairs are carried out correctly. Nobody wants to have water accumulating in their sinks due to clogged drains or leaking taps. We advise our customers to contact us as soon as they see any signs of a drain blockage in their house. When you want high-quality plumbing repairs and services in Summerland, contact Prairie Valley Plumbing and Heating. Call us for a service today from our skilled plumbers if you have any plumbing needs or emergencies.

General Plumbing Services

We have qualified plumbers who can handle everything from minor faucet repairs and leaking taps to complete fixture replacements. We can also replace poly B pipes with those made of approved materials. Other services we provide include replacing dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, unthawing frozen pipes, repairing leaking pipes and installing leak monitoring systems.


Have an emergency? Get in touch with us for prompt plumbing services.

Problems with Your Plumbing?

Consult with us and get your pipes repaired by our professional team today.

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